Bring life to a cause. Your own life. Now imagine multiplying that life by 1,000. That's the power of a nonprofit. That’s the power you bring as a new founder.  

So you want to start a nonprofit and create something great?  

Nice to meet you. You sound amazing. I want to help you build a nonprofit that will succeed. Grow. Inspire. And last. 

You probably have a lot of questions like I did when I started Open Heart Magic. 

So I’m going to teach you what I know and share ideas from other exciting nonprofits and the founders who built them. Leaders who are proud of their communities and the change they're bringing to this world. Innovators who no longer worry that their nonprofits will be around next year. I want this to be you. This could be you.

How to Start a Nonprofit

"I love creating and building. Every entrepreneur does. And I love learning from other entrepreneurs and hearing their stories. It’s like we’re part of a secret society because we share the same conviction at our core that drives us".